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Hat Trick: A Triple Play of Queer MM Sports Romance Novellas

E-Book Anthology – September 2022

Hat Trick is an omnibus of three MM sports romances from Space Fruit Press, all-new stories about queer guys trying to learn the rules — and score. While no previous sports knowledge or fitness level is required to enjoy these, we can’t promise they won’t raise your heart rate.

Enjoy this triple play of queer romance, with a roster featuring opposing softball players who discover they might play for the same team, sweet acrobatic gymnasts forced to tumble together, and a basketball game that gets surprisingly kinky. Protective equipment is not required, so settle down and swing hard for the fences.

Total word count: 46,000

Book cover for Shackin' Up

Shackin’ Up: Short Stories of Queer Love and Forced Proximity

E-Book Anthology – February 2022

A debut anthology from Space Fruit Press

It’s cold outside… and this was never planned… but why not make the most of it? Get cozy with Space Fruit Press’ new collection of stories, where queer couples find themselves getting unexpectedly close. Whether it’s a vacation rental, cabin in the woods, or a run-down motel, any port in a storm can get awfully hot when it’s the right pair trapped inside. There may only be one bed, but there’s plenty between these covers to keep you warm!

Short Stories


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