Binary Stars: Constellations #1

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Binary Stars: Constellations #1 is the first sci-fi LGBTQ+ anthology from Space Fruit Press, featuring four stories of intergalactic romance. From a shady bar on the wrong side of the asteroid field, to a royal wedding that gets a rude interruption, to two rival lawyers going deep in the archives, to a formal treaty ceremony that heads in an unexpected direction — these tales of space-age hijinks will steam up your atmosphere.


“What the Empress Wants”
by Daisy Fairchild

The Empress of the Ehk’sorki is on her way across the galaxy to get married, along with an armada of warships and a fortune in jewels. It will only take one pirate with a very small spaceship to change the plan, but rebel pilot Hylbe’s sabotage doesn’t go as expected. She’s about to learn that kidnapping an Empress doesn’t necessarily mean certain death, but it will be an adventure.

“The Last Place They’d Look”
by Catherine Fletcher

Tal is an intergalactic courier down on their luck and looking for a quick buck in a seedy bar at the edge of the galaxy. That’s where they meet Kate, an unexpected human who is seeking escape immediately, no questions asked. What Tal doesn’t realize is how dangerous it will be to have Kate onboard — not just to their livelihood, but also to their heart.

“We Come In Peace”
by Rena Butler

This should be Captain Abram Adoyo’s finest hour, as he brokers a treaty with the gentle Khuzoid people of Iarus V.  But while the Khuzoid are a peaceful species, they demand that Abe perform an important rite for them as part of their negotiating process. The captain never expected his first officer, Mattys Kriel, to be involved in such an intimate act — but he will do anything to complete their mission. No matter how hard it gets.

“Trash Planet Confidential”
by Louisa Vidal

Onyez thought she’d left her nemesis Vio behind when she went to practice law on a different planet. But then Vio shows up in Onyez’s office with a request that she can’t bring herself to refuse. Will these two lawyers manage to acquit themselves, or will this relationship be too much of a trial?

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