Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we attempt to address any questions that may arise about our Press, authors, or content. If there is anything here which is not addressed, but which you would like to ask, please see our contact info at the bottom of the page.


What do you mean “your community”?
We mean a lot of things, not all of which can be pinned down. They include, but are not limited to: Queers. People of marginalized genders. Nerds. Fandom. Writers and readers of diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Anyone who’s ever experienced hyperfixation. Cats.


How do you choose work to publish?
Currently we are working with an established group of authors who were selected to begin this venture with us. In the future, we look forward both to inviting authors whose work impresses us as well as accepting open submissions.


What sort of work are you interested in?
Works created by, for, and/or about queer persons, loosely in the romance or erotica genre. Please note that this includes everything from space gays having a torrid affair to a period novel of unfulfilled longing by a queer author and all the content in between. Our primary criteria for works we will consider for publication (other than they must have a connection to being queer in some way) is quality and content. We are especially interested in content with diverse protagonists, antagonists, and relationships.


What’s the Press position on the Oxford comma?
Essential, completely necessary, and not to be forgotten.


Is Pluto a planet?


So, capitalism?
We live in a capitalist society, and we all got bills to pay. But also: eat the rich.


What about Black lives?
Black Lives Matter. Also, fuck colonialism, fuck the police, fuck TERFs, and give indigenous communities their land back.


What is “Queer Joy” anyway?
Great question. It’s been a long pandemic, but we think it’s whatever makes a queer person smile. And also anything that sparks joy while being unexpected, unapproved, or generally queer.


Is there content/types of content you won’t consider for publication?
We will not accept any content which promotes hate of any kind. Please note that this is different from “contains hate” – we recognize that some stories require dealing with difficult topics in order to adequately propel the narrative. However, in such stories, it must be clear that whatever hate is depicted is wrong.

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How do I buy your books?
Check out this handy guide on how to purchase, download, and read our books.