About Space Fruit Press

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Our Mission

Space Fruit Press creates joy by boldly publishing high-quality, diverse, queer fiction by and for our community.

Our History

Space Fruit Press was founded at the height of summer in the year of our clusterfuck 2021 by a group of women and queer folk who had been trapped inside for entirely too long. Inspired by inspirational images of handwritten journals next to mugs of tea and high on quotes like “be the change you wish to see in the world,” they decided that if they were not seeing the published content they wanted to see, they would publish it their own damn selves.


Our Values


Prioritize Joy

We prioritize joy.


Support Our Community

Our offerings are high-quality, queer, diverse & accessible, created by and for our community.


Practice Respect

We practice respect in all aspects of our work.

Our Team


Jessica Flood

Jessica Flood is a 30-something Canadian who was raised by both fantasy novels and the internet. She has been terminally online for as long as she can remember. She has been writing since elementary school and won her first notable cash award of $10 in grade five at the tender age of nine, having submitted a short story about a cat. Currently, she resides in a charmingly unlevel apartment in Southern Ontario with her partner and too many plants. She remains infatuated by the moon, and prefers her fiction queer, atmospheric, and brimming with forced intimacies.


Margaret Howie

Margaret Howie is a New Zealand-born, London-based editor and marketer with over a decade of working in bookselling. Back in her twentieth century childhood, she read too many books and they turned her brain. Since then, she’s written, blogged, and podcasted about books for an improbable amount of years. Currently she writes the Three Weeks email newsletter. She prefers her internet weird, her spreadsheets impeccable, and her commas Oxford.


NM Kerr

NM Kerr hails from flyover country but has lived most of her adult life in Babylon by the Bay, where she originally studied languages before succumbing along with many of her peers to a career in tech. She’ll read anything if she’s bored enough, but she prefers sci-fi, fantasy, and all combinations thereof. She is one third of the Foul Puck Podcast team where she shouts about basketball (#dubnation), is at least 80% mint tea, and has more houseplants than she thinks. Her life goal is to pet all of the cats.


Rachel Baxley

Originally from Florida, Rachel Baxley now lives in California’s Bay Area. She’s a freelance writer and editor with a light specialization in academic writing thanks to many years of work in university writing centers. Her own nonlinear path through the labyrinth of higher education eventually resulted in a Master’s of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice, though this degree is largely decorative. When Rachel is not petting the nearest available dog, she’s crying about baseball or flagrantly abusing the emdash.


Sarah Dyer

Born and raised in South Carolina, Sarah Dyer escaped as soon as she could along with her partner (currently, of 13 years). There in sunny Los Angeles (yell-‘AY), she became a product designer, sang in choir, and went to as many concerts as baby-Sarah wished she could. After collecting a beautiful found-family, a certain worldwide event swept Sarah north to the Windy City (along with her partner and their two cats). Currently, Sarah is trying to figure out how to Mad Men from home and retire early so she can work on things like queer lit presses, painting, reading, writing, cooking, and gardening.

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Want to write for us?

While Space Fruit Press does not anticipate bringing aboard any new authors in 2023, we welcome notices of interest for future engagement.

We will evaluate authors and manuscripts on a case by case basis, beginning in 2024. You are welcome to reach out to us at spacefruitpress@gmail.com to put forth your interest, and we will be happy to follow up with you when we are ready to move forward.