How To Buy and Read Our Books

So you’ve made the excellent decision to purchase a Space Fruit Press book! Here’s how to proceed. All of our titles are ebooks, available in three formats. Once you buy one, you will receive an email with a link to download the file onto your device. From there, the file is yours – you can read it on a specialist ebook app, send it to another device, or view it in your internet browser. 


Which ebook file type do I choose to download? 

Our ebooks are available in three file types. Here’s how to work out which one to choose to get the title you want: 


One of the most common document file types that can be accessed on almost every device, PDF stands for “portable document file”. These can be read on an internet browser (like Google Chrome), in a PDF reader, Apple Books or Kindle app, and many other devices. To open, click on the file – if you can’t see where it’s saved, check your downloads folder to find it. Clicking on the file will open it or present you with options to open:

How do you want to open this file? Text box with default option of Adobe Acrobat DC and choices of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Word, and more apps
Options for reading a PDF vary across devices

The advantages of PDF files is that they are so accessible – you can read them on darn near any device. If you’re not sure which file format to choose, they’re a good pick for reliability.


The Epub file format is commonly used across dedicated ebook applications, and it’s “open standard” which is very sexy as formatting standards go. If you have a Nook, use Apple Books, Kobo eReader, Google Books, Android’s Aldiko or one of the many other ebook apps except for Amazon Kindle, Epub is designed to work on them. You can read them on the same application you use for PDFs, like the Chrome browser, but you may need to add an extension. There’s more information here on different applications for Epub files. 

Once you have downloaded your file, open it in your application of choice, or save it to the library of your device. 

The Epub file advantages are how well it adapts to different devices. The reading experience is usually better than a PDF on an ereader. The only disadvantage is that sometimes you need to move the file to the device library to ensure you can read it.

Can you read an Epub book on Kindle? Yes – use the Send to Kindle application and email the Epub file to your device. However, it’s better to use the Mobi file if you’re an exclusively Kindle user.


Of course, Amazon has to be different from everybody else (thanks Jeff), so for their Kindle device and the Kindle app for Apple and Android, there’s the Mobi file format. When you buy a Mobi book title from our site, you need to send the file to your Kindle account. This means setting up a special email address that you can email the file download to. First, download the file from the email you receive from us, then attach it to an email and send it to your personal Kindle email address. There are more details here on how to set that up on your personal account.

The advantages of the Mobi format is that it’s easy to send it via email to your Kindle account, and it looks great on your device. This does require setting up the special Kindle email in your Manage My Devices section of your Amazon account, and adding your email account as an Approved Sender. These files read really well on Kindle apps and devices.

How do I buy Space Fruit Press ebooks?

Under each book title there is the price, a drop-down menu to choose which file type you want, and a Buy Now button.

Buy now button on Space Fruit Press website under dropdown box with Epub format chosen
Select the book you want and add to basket in just a couple of clicks

Once you hit the buy button, a new window will open. This is our Shopify account page where your purchase is processed. 

Shopify page with purchase details in separate browser window
Our Shopify shopping basket page

Click on “Show order summary” to see the details of the book title you have in your shopping basket.  This will show you how many copies (the number at the top corner of the cover image), the title, and the format. 

There is also the option to insert a discount code if you have one (hint: sign up for our newsletter if you’d like special offers and codes).

Order summary page on Shopify for Hat Trick: A Triple Play of Queer MM Sports Romance Novellas showing $9.99 price and discount code option
Look inside the order summary to see your shopping basket contents

Once you’ve checked you’ve got the right title and format, there are different options to pay: 

  • Express Checkout, which allows you to pay via PayPal, Google Pay, or Shopify’s own Shop Pay app
  • Through manually entering your billing details and providing credit card information

To use Express Checkout, you need to set up an account with one of the apps. You can also pay via PayPal or Shop Pay through the billing information process. No matter which option you choose, we can’t see any of your finance details. 

Enter your address and contact information, and press the “Continue to Payment” button. Double check your details, and make sure you’ve included the email address that you want the link to your book download sent to. 

Once you’ve checked everything, hit “Pay now”.

Blue Shopify button saying pay now
Click pay now and be confident in your investment decisions

In some cases, you may have to enter a 2-step verification code to prove that you’re not a robot. Space Fruit Press is not prejudiced against robots and believes they deserve quality queer fiction too, but the banking system isn’t as open minded as we are. 

What happens after I’ve purchased an eBook online?

Check your email – there should be a message from us with your download. The subject line will be “Download Your Newest Read”, if you cannot see it please check your junk and spam mail folders, refresh your inbox, and if there’s no sign of it, please contact us, you can send an email directly to us at

Inside the email there will be a download link in blue to the file type you selected:

Screenshot of email saying Thanks for your purchase from Space Fruit Press! You can download it here: hyperlink to hat-trick.epub (3.45MB)
The email with the magic download link

How do I download my ebook?

Click on the link provided and you will download the file to the device that you are on. From there, you can open the file on that device to read, or send it to another device. If you have an app installed that opens the book, it should open straight away, however you may need a specific app to read books on certain devices. 

What if the ebook download doesn’t work?

Check that you are connected to the internet, then check your “downloads” folder. Tip: search your files by the book title. If you still cannot find your file, please get in touch with us  – you can email us at

Where do I read my book?

There is no limit to where you can read your ebook (we recommend hammocks, poolside, on a long commute etc) but in terms of devices, one of our file formats should work on the device of your choice. Once it’s downloaded, you won’t need an internet connection to access it, so roam far and wide with the queer lit of your choice.

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