Losing, or Something Like It

Opal Moritz

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Previously published in Hat Trick

Basketball season is everything to Aaron, and he is sure his team can win against their neighborhood rivals. That confidence lasts right up until Sander walks on to the court. Sander was Aaron’s big brother’s nemesis on the courts, but it’s Aaron who ends up sprawled out across Sander’s lap when a post-game penalty spanking goes in a direction neither of them expected.

Here.” Sander said it just loud enough for Aaron to hear. At that, Aaron lifted his head, holding Sander’s gaze.

Sander raised his voice, just loud enough to get people to lean forward to hear him. “This is how it’s gonna work.”

He sat up, closer to the edge of the couch, his legs closing together like a gate, but still with enough room between them that they were almost framing Aaron. Sander tapped a thigh with two thick-knuckled fingers. “Over here. I scored twenty-one points, right? So twenty-one of them, over the clothes.

from “Losing, or Something Like It”

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