Hat Trick: A Triple Play of Queer MM Sports Romance Novellas

$ 9.99 USD

Hat Trick is an omnibus of three MM sports romances from Space Fruit Press, all-new stories about queer guys trying to learn the rules — and score. While no previous sports knowledge or fitness level is required to enjoy these, we can’t promise they won’t raise your heart rate.

Enjoy this triple play of queer romance, with a roster featuring opposing softball players who discover they might play for the same team, sweet acrobatic gymnasts forced to tumble together, and a basketball game that gets surprisingly kinky. Protective equipment is not required, so settle down and swing hard for the fences.

Total word count: 46,000


When Kevin, a former college baseball star and current single dad with a spot on the local softball league, accidentally gets into a rivalry with a member of another team, he finds out there’s a lot more to learn about being a player. If he’s going to work out this thing between him and Dan, the surprisingly hot, loud guy behind the catcher’s mask, Kevin’s got to step up to the plate.

Basketball season is everything to Aaron, and he is sure his team can win against their neighborhood rivals. That confidence lasts right up until Sander walks on to the court. Sander was Aaron’s big brother’s nemesis on the courts, but it’s Aaron who ends up sprawled out across Sander’s lap when a post-game penalty spanking goes in a direction neither of them expected.

Jacob is an ambitious, talented, and distinctly stubborn acrobatic gymnast who has worked too damn hard for his team to just quit on him and expect him to be OK with it. When his coach offers him a partnership with Andy, the sunny redhead from the gym who Jacob’s barely ever talked to, Jacob relunctantly agrees to try. But under the warmth of Andy’s ever-present smile, Jacob finds himself ready to let go of old pain – and be ready to fall.