Baggage for Two

Catherine Fletcher

$ 3.99 USD

Previously published in our debut anthology Shackin’ Up

It’s Beth’s fault they took the scenic route. She had thought this road trip might do the trick. It might be the excuse for her and Kerry to finally talk. Maybe even laugh, like they used to do. But the scenic route isn’t so scenic when the snowstorm hits, and Kerry isn’t smiling when their car gets stuck on the side of the road. A roadside motel offers a chance at warmth — and unpacked baggage.

Do you need to stop?” Kerry asks. It’s the first thing she’s said since they got into the car. 

Beth risks a look away from the road over at Kerry. “Where, exactly?” she asks, hearing the exasperated bite of her voice and yet unable to help it. They’re ages from civilisation, Beth having suggested a bit of a scenic route to Kerry’s parents’ place, hoping for something to thaw between them as the scenery went by. 

Kerry huffs a sigh and goes back to looking out the window. Beth grimaces at the snow outside, and as the wind eases, she picks up speed again. A green and white sign rises out of the snowbank, advising them of the county road turn off. 

Beth slows and makes the turn onto a road that hasn’t seen a plow for what she assumes is most of the storm. The traction control comes on to help her around the corner, and then they’re on their way again. At the top of a hill, the pavement swept bare by the wind, the car dings, and Beth looks down: the check engine light has turned on in the instrument panel. And then she feels a shudder through the steering wheel. 


from Baggage for Two

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