Trash Planet Confidential

Trash Planet Confidential

Louisa Vidal

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Previously published in our first sci-fi anthology Binary Stars: Constellations #1

On the sixth anniversary of Vio’s arrival in San City, she was busy with the legal ramifications of some janitorial robots that had been reprogrammed to hijack shuttles. It was also the day Onyez Jones walked into her office and asked her to help dig up some trash.

“Hello, Violaine. Is this a good time to talk?”
Onyez looked impeccable, like she always had. Her black hair was tied in a neat set of twists that shone like lacquer, her suit all clean lines, skin tinted a fashionable leafy green, and around her impossibly long neck was a white scarf. Bright white. Breaking-the-laws-of-San-City-physics white.

“No?” Vio threw out the response automatically, only adding the inflection of a question as it sunk in that Onyez — now the lead attorney for the most powerful company in this corner of the intergalactic union, easily the most famous lawyer on Albion10, and the one classmate Vio had never managed to out-argue — was standing in front of her.

from Trash Planet Confidential

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