We Come in Peace

We Come in Peace

Rena Butler

$ 3.99 USD

Previously published in our first sci-fi anthology Binary Stars: Constellations #1

Abe wasn’t an overly ambitious guy, but he did want to hold onto his captaincy as long as possible. Lusting after one’s first officer was not the best way to go about that, especially not with an officer as decorated as Kriel. Though he wasn’t much older than Abe, he had a stellar reputation throughout TIOD and a number of medals to match.

There were dozens of rumors as to why the mysterious First Lieutenant Mattys Kriel didn’t have his own command, everything from “He clearly needs to be free to run black ops between missions” to “I heard he slept with the commodore’s husband and wife and side piece.” Abe tried very hard not to traffic in rumors, but he knew for a fact there were people aboard the TSS Tarter who thought Kriel should clearly be in command, and Abe was occasionally one of them. He’d benefited greatly from Kriel’s experience, and Mattys had never been anything but respectful of Abe as a captain.

But Abe was pretty sure Mattys hated his guts.

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