You and Me and the Airbnb

Rena Butler

$ 3.99 USD

Previously published in our debut anthology Shackin’ Up

The Florida Keys are a great place to spend a weekend to get over your ex; Anthony knows that. However, the Keys may not be such a great place to weather a Category 2 hurricane. But Anthony’s got himself stuck in his Airbnb rental with his distractingly good-looking host — and his host’s adorable dog — to wait out the storm. It’s not the holiday he signed up for, but when Kurt offers him shelter, there’s a chance the two of them can turn this natural disaster into a five-star experience.

Look, it’s fine that you’re here,” Kurt said, setting his hands on his hips. “If it wasn’t, I would’ve given you the address of the nearest shelter.”
Anthony nodded dumbly for a moment before finding his voice. “O-okay. So I guess just give me the dry clothes and the key to the cottage and I’ll be out of your hair.”

Again, Kurt looked at Anthony like he had when he’d handed over the laptop. “Well, I guess you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Why not?”

“I already shut the A/C down over there, so it’s already pretty warm. Plus, all my supplies are over here, even the candles, and besides…” He paused, like he was trying to phrase what he had to say next very carefully. “I’m gonna guess you’ve never been through a hurricane before?”


“Well, it’s unlikely to be a true survival situation, but I’d hate to leave you alone for it, even if that means things get awkward over here. My very Southern mother would tan my hide.

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