Leaves of Absence

Opal Moritz

$ 3.99 USD

Previously published in our debut anthology Shackin’ Up

When stressed-out office worker Doug arrives at a remote cabin for a holiday, he’s planning on meditating, reading, and avoiding his email. What he doesn’t expect is Easton — his boss’ wife’s personal trainer, a blond, perky, juicer-toting ball of good vibes that even Doug’s grumpiness can’t defend against. Now the two of them are stuck together in very close quarters, and Doug’s beginning to realize that there may be more to life than constantly working.


The yell came from the guy in the door frame. He was blond, wearing a gigantic, white, puffy coat and holding various bulging bags. Despite his shock, Doug still registered that he was like a twink remix of the Michelin Man.

Doug pointed at him. “Who are you?”

“Isn’t this Pine Mountain Cottage?”

The guy’s voice sounded spooked, but Doug was too taken aback to tone down his own voice. “Yes? Who are you?”

Beneath his floppy hair, the guy’s eyes widened. “I’m Easton?”

What kind of name was Easton? Trying to keep his voice even, Doug demanded, “How the hell did you get here?”

Looking shell-shocked, the guy pointed his thumb over his shoulder. “An Uber from the train station?

from “Leaves of Absence”

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