It’s Space Fruit Press’s Launch Day – Check Out Our New Titles!

The culmination of several months of hard work arrives this afternoon, auspiciously set on Twosday (22-2-22) and anticipated greatly by the founders. This has been a labour of love, and we are thrilled that the day is finally here. 

We’re so excited to bring you our initial offerings: 

Shackin’ Up: Short Stories of Queer Love and Forced Proximity
It’s cold outside… and this was never planned… but why not make the most of it? Get cozy with Space Fruit Press’ new collection of stories, where queer couples find themselves getting unexpectedly close. Whether it’s a vacation rental, cabin in the woods, or a run-down motel, any port in a storm can get awfully hot when it’s the right pair trapped inside. There may only be one bed, but there’s plenty between these covers to keep you warm.

Office Hours – Rena Butler
Nick Russo is experiencing all the glamor of life as an adjunct professor: endless grading, long hours, and students who fall asleep in his English Composition class. There’s one student in particular, Sean Kendrick, who is distracting him in all sorts of non-academic ways. Nick has no intention of getting involved with a student, even one with a passion for literature and obscenely blue eyes — that’s a whole set of problems he doesn’t need. After all, it’s not like he even has an office of his own to fool around in… even if Sean’s flirting is worthy of a doctorate.

Office Hours is a steamy 17,000-word novella about the very serious work of higher learning, maintaining professional boundaries, and ensuring that queer theory gets a very thorough practical workout.

Snapshots – Rena Butler
All Bryce is to Alex is some guy he met in the least-romantic way possible: passed out on a nightclub bathroom floor. But the two of them seem destined to run into each other, and even though Alex’s common sense tells him to stay away from Bryce, he couldn’t even if he tried. It’s going to take more than an inconvenient ex-boyfriend, a stolen phone, and a disapproving roommate to keep them apart — but only if they can start seeing each other’s point of view.

Snapshots is a 9,000-word novella about making enough bad choices that they start to be good, with all the heat of a Florida evening and the sweetness of a coconut rum flan.

Peach Season – Catherine Fletcher
In rural Ontario Michael is trying to rediscover himself, far from the distractions – and men – of Los Angeles. But then the one man he thought he’d left behind arrives on his doorstep, asking for dinner and, maybe, another chance.

Peach Season is an original 3,500 word story from Catherine Fletcher about the sweetness of discovering that love might not be lost after all.

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