Rena Butler

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All Bryce is to Alex is some guy he met in the least-romantic way possible: passed out on a nightclub bathroom floor. But the two of them seem destined to run into each other, and even though Alex’s common sense tells him to stay away from Bryce, he couldn’t even if he tried. It’s going to take more than an inconvenient ex-boyfriend, a stolen phone, and a disapproving roommate to keep them apart — but only if they can start seeing each other’s point of view.

Snapshots is a 9,000-word novella about making enough bad choices that they start to be good, with all the heat of a Florida evening and the sweetness of a coconut rum flan.

He was one of the most gorgeous men Alex had ever seen. Unfortunately, he was also unconscious. 

from “Snapshots”

Snapshots is a fairly fast, fun, and lighthearted read. The characters carry on an interesting banter that keeps the pace feeling quick. The moments of conflict and smut also manage to maintain the light, airy tone. Butler’s created a nice, fast-paced popcorn read.

Becca, reviewer

Snapshots was a delightful ride of chemistry and banter from start to finish! Bryce and Alex are at times amusing, frustrating, and lovable, but I never once stopped rooting for them to get together. There isn’t one dull moment in this story, from its auspicious (and germy) beginning to its sexy end, and I enjoyed every second of it!

Courtney, reviewer

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