Peach Season

Catherine Fletcher

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In rural Ontario Michael is trying to rediscover himself, far from the distractions – and men – of Los Angeles. But then the one man he thought he’d left behind arrives on his doorstep, asking for dinner and, maybe, another chance.

Peach Season is an original 3,500 word story from Catherine Fletcher about the sweetness of discovering that love might not be lost after all.

He’s been spoiled by the availability of produce in Los Angeles, spoiled by all the choices and the never-ending stream of ripe fruits and vegetables in or out of season. There remains, though, nothing quite like a peach, plucked from the tree at the peak of ripeness, still warm from the sun in the orchard.

from “Peach Season”

Peach Season is a lovely piece of writing. The descriptions are rich, dense, and delightfully visceral. Each scene is lovingly painted. The characters are flawed and a little awkward, and all the more likeable for it. They feel very human, living out very believable scenes. An excellent, short read.

Becca, reviewer

Peach Season was so heady and atmospheric I swear I could feel the sticky-sweet peach juice on my fingers as I read. I became invested in Michael and Jason very quickly, enough so that I’d love to learn more about how they got to where they are, but the story was still very fulfilling in and of itself. The story is short, but still somehow slow and sweet, which fits the summery vibe perfectly.

Courtney, reviewer

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